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Flickr vs. Color Profiles: Old News for Some

I’ve been irked for a while over the fact that lots of the images I upload to Flickr look washed out in comparison to what I see on my computer. At first I thought this was due to gamma issues and was assuming that maybe my browser didn’t recognize settings or something like that. I […]

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Who wants to have a yard sale?

One highlight of last weekend was the collaborative yard sale that was held at Topher and David’s place. They had the entire front yard covered in everything from clothes to computers, and as things were sold a tally was kept of whose it was and how much it went for. But that was just the […]

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Athens: It’s Greek to Me

Saturday night at the 40 Watt was pretty cool. DJ Epic opened things up to a crowd composed mostly of other DJs (me, Joe, Roux, Mahogany) and he tore things right down. Definitely a skilled worker, that one. Going to try to get a gig in the ATL worked out so he can visit. Topher […]

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Your Weekend Plans?

I don’t know what you’re thinking of doing this Saturday night, but cancel it. Come with me to Athens for an evening of dancetastic soultacular groovin’ and shakin’ with my main man Topher and friends. From the Flagpole: DJ EPIC, DJ ROUX & DJ MAHOGANY (40 Watt) Tonight’s multi-tiered dance party offers a variety of […]

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Bankrupt on Selling

This has been a big week for ol’ Al and his economy. It all started last Saturday when I showed my Acura to two different interested parties. The first left and promised to call back later. The second, somewhat to my surprise, offered me my asking price on the spot with no haggling. Obviously I […]

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“An Inconvenient Truth” Opens in Atlanta

Today is opening day for Al Gore’s new film "An Inconvenient Truth" in Atlanta, at the Tara. I have a ticket for the 10 o’clock show, as do some other cool people I know. It should be fun. You should get a ticket too! In related news, the film has been grossing more per-screen than […]

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Delicious Guacamole

Over the past few weeks, I have made the following recipe no less than 4 times, which is definitely a lot for me. It is very simple and always gets consumed quickly. 2 ripe avocadoes, peeled and diced, one pit reserved 4-5 cloves garlic, minced 1-2 jalapeño peppers, minced 1 tomato, diced 1 handful cilantro, […]

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Music in Fits and Starts

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hauling some gear and vinyl to Athens for a jam session with my main man Topher (or Roux, as you may have seen him billed). We spent a large share of our time working on a funky soul mix, taking the opportunity to exercise a lot of […]

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A Word of Warning

Dear reader, If you value your hair at all, do not use CVS Vitamin Shampoo Truly Clean™! I made the mistake of thinking it would be similar to the Target brand (which is itself similar to the Pantene brand). I could not have been more wrong. It would have at least been prudent to smell […]

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