A Word of Warning

CVS Pro Vitamin Shampoo: Truly Clean

Dear reader,

If you value your hair at all, do not use CVS Vitamin Shampoo Truly Clean™!

I made the mistake of thinking it would be similar to the Target brand (which is itself similar to the Pantene brand). I could not have been more wrong. It would have at least been prudent to smell the contents of the bottle before committing to the purchase, but no. I made an assumption.

And now, I am wallowing in the results of this series of poor decisions. In my cubicle at work, I stew, surrounded by nothing but the “fragrance” of my own hair. It is terrible. If only there were some way to transcribe the smell, you could understand the pain I am feeling right now. Perhaps it is for the best that there is no such means yet devised. The Internet is already smelly enough.

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