Music in Fits and Starts

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hauling some gear and vinyl to Athens for a jam session with my main man Topher (or Roux, as you may have seen him billed). We spent a large share of our time working on a funky soul mix, taking the opportunity to exercise a lot of my 45s. Sometimes I forget just how many good songs I have in there.

me deejaying

Perhaps the most fun aspect of the whole operation was having four turntables running simultaneously, each pair with its own mixer. In all the time I’ve owned my own decks, I’ve never actually done that. Be assured that I will in the future.

We got some solid ideas down on e-paper (and I made a sweet spreadsheet to keep track of everything), but we stopped short of actually recording. The decision was made to continue shenanigans in Atlanta Monday night, and we did. Unfortunately, after our delicious but rather lengthy dinner at La Casita, we had little motivation or energy left to accomplish much more than setting up the quad-deck action again. This morning, Topher headed back to Athens without much more than good times to show for it.

I guess that’s the way it is sometimes. Anyone will agree that you can’t force creativity. We’ll just have to be sure to reschedule for a not-too-far-in-the-future date.

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