Bankrupt on Selling

This has been a big week for ol’ Al and his economy. It all started last Saturday when I showed my Acura to two different interested parties. The first left and promised to call back later. The second, somewhat to my surprise, offered me my asking price on the spot with no haggling. Obviously I accepted.

These developments have had me pleased as punch throughout the week. Today I actually finalized the sale of the car, money-in-bank style. This will come in handy tomorrow, when I close on my new house. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about that soon.

I got a call from the car’s new owner a few minutes after sitting down to lunch. He had let his redneck friend drive it back from our meeting to Conyers, and the dude was apparently not very smart. He drove it in Tiptronic-transmission mode and didn’t realize he had to shift. So there was lots of red-lining and the car generally got angry at him. But I think it’ll be OK. Not my problem either way, suckaz.

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