Who wants to have a yard sale?

One highlight of last weekend was the collaborative yard sale that was held at Topher and David’s place. They had the entire front yard covered in everything from clothes to computers, and as things were sold a tally was kept of whose it was and how much it went for. But that was just the traditional part….

The fun began when they made a big batch of Pink Panty Pulldowns, a classic drink that I learned about years ago in a party far, far away. They were deceivingly alcoholic and delightfully pink, as usual. Of course, when drinking, it helps to have some unhealthy good-old-American hot dogs to grill, so you know that was in effect as well.

For most of the day Topher’s big ass stereo speakers were providing a pleasant musical accompaniment to the situation, and then it struck me: clearly, with the ready availability of turntables and records, we should be deejaying this operation. So we did. That made the fun move at twice the speed.

Experiencing all the buzz that came from such a thing made it obvious to me that a similar event needs to be happening in Atlanta very soon. We can hold it on the grassy lot in front of the Sampson Street lofts (or somewhere else, if there is sufficient space). We can have a barbecue and music and it will be all manner of fun. And maybe I can finally pawn off some of those records before I move!

Who’s with me?

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