Oil change; chili cook-off; disturbing EA theft trend continues

This afternoon Rolf came over to watch me change the oil in Lucille. It was exactly the same as changing the oil in other cars, only much easier, since I have a huge engine compartment compared to the size of my actual engine. That, and the filter is right there on top; nice and easy to reach.

The process would have been completely uneventful except for the fact that I seemed to have a real knack for spilling used motor oil on the ground, myself, and anything else that I came into contact with. Making prodigious use of a roll of paper towels, I managed to get most of it cleaned up, but there are still two rather unsightly spots left on the asphalt “driveway.” I will figure out some clever way to get rid of them soon, no doubt. Maybe I’ll just get rid of the whole driveway! Yeah! Cellular paving here I come… someday.

After the oil change excitement, Lucille and I went over to Steve and Missy’s place for a delicious chili cook-off. There were four five different kinds of chili (mostly pictured), all but one of which was vegan — all were amazing and amazingly varied. I probably ate too much. The Sweetwater 420 keg from the Cattington Acres housewarming party was there, and I arguably drank too much of that — but I just had to help finish, didn’t I?

I arrived at home to find everything mostly in order, but I noticed something strange when entering the driveway…. The dislodged wooden fence pieces had gone missing!

I know this must have happened before today, since I realize in retrospect that they were not there while I was doing the oil changing, but I’m not sure exactly when they were scooped up. I do know, however, that I didn’t really want them anyway, and I suppose that whoever got them — while still an insufferable bastard for having the nerve to steal something — will find them more useful than I had thus far.

The general concept of that occurrence does give me pause somewhat, as it is further evidence of the popular notion that anything not nailed down easily removed will be in this ‘hood. It is rather disappointing, really, but at this point an unchanging fact. Perhaps someday we’ll even have a neighborhood assocation that can organize some sort of collective dealing with this problem. Ahh, dreams.

UPDATE: The case of the missing fencing was resolved a few days later, and theft was not at issue.

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