Fencing “theft” update

In a previous post I discussed my dismay at the fact that some unused fencing had gone missing from my driveway. I would just like to clarify, for history’s sake, that the pieces were not apparently “stolen,” as I had assumed. Instead, my neighbor (an older gentleman, of whom I think no ill) decided that he should do the job of getting rid of them for me.

As best I could gather from our rather hurried conversation on my front porch (during a dinner party, no less), he was concerned that I had been waiting for him to do something with these pieces of fencing, possibly because of conversations held between him and my realtor. This was his primary motivation for removing them and taking to them to the dump. Perhaps secondary to this was his belief that the items represented an obvious target for theft. I’m only guessing here, really.

At any rate, the mystery is largely solved, and with it part of my faith in the inherent decency of neighborhoodkind has been restored. I thought the internet should know.

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