Family house-work blitz-visit, Summer edition

This weekend was a bit different. It all started Thursday evening with the arrival of the other 3/4 of my nuclear family. Their purpose for visiting was not only to see me and my new abode, but to help me tame it into shape using their various skills, equipment and fervor. I can safely say that this was a rousing success.

We managed to accomplish at least the following tasks, all with a minimum of argument and bickery:

  • Dinner at Cantina la Casita
  • Full-force attack on the lawns, front and back (pictures forthcoming!)
  • Complete kitchen organization
  • Giant Target shopping trip for general outfitting
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Numerous minor fixture installations
  • ALL of the laundry

Of these, the two about which I am most pleased are the kitchen organization and the yard-taming. For starters, I have a real pantry now — the kind where things are both visible and accessible in a convenient location. The yard has been heavily weed-whacked and is primed for the spraying of the environmentally semiresponsible Chemical Death. I look forward to the day when the word “poison” does not come up in lawn-related conversation.

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