Lucille gets a little injection love

Sunday afternoon is a great time for doing work on the car… especially when it turns out to be very simple! This particular afternoon’s project was the replacement of Lucille’s injection return lines. It was a much-needed service which had not been performed in an unknown amount of time. The Diesel Giant recommends this service be performed every two years, and I am almost certain it was long overdue.

For those interested, the concept is very simple: the injector return lines are woven-fiber-wrapped rubber hoses that run between the small nipples (teehee) on either side of the fuel injectors. Over time, the rubber in the lines becomes brittle and develops cracks, allowing small amounts of unprocessed fuel to escape, soaking the woven wrapping and the area surrounding them in the engine. Fortunately, diesel has a high enough combustion temperature that such fuel leakage is not a fire hazard, but the problem can still affect performance, especially at idle.

Replacing the lines turned out to be much less annoying than Rolf had led me to believe it would be. The most difficult part was using needle-nose pliers to remove the tiny remnants of hose that tended to break off around the injector nipples. Inserting the new hoses was generally as easy as pie, and the results were a noticeable improvement in the smoothness factor of the idle. Not bad for $16 in parts and less than an hour in labor.

Tomorrow’s project will be to clean the ALDA boost system, which will surely be exciting. Anything involving a banjo bolt has to be.

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