Saturday 8/19: (I DJ at) Pecan Pie Couture’s Wampum Disco Fashion Party

This Saturday, August 19, I will be joining forces with some awesome local talents to present Pecan Pie Couture‘s Wampum Disco Fashion Party at The Royal, downtown boogie down style. Here are some double-u’s!

  • What? A celebration of Pecan Pie Couture’s Fall Line
  • Who? Factory Aire (Lenny’s, CUDS, SOAP), Al B. Hard (Ponystyle Industries), Disco Goddess Ms Pope!
  • When? Saturday 8/19 @ 10pm (I’m on first and Ms Pope will be spicing things up intermittently throughout the night)
  • Where? 255 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 (The Royal)
  • Why? Because the Good Lord gave you a booty, and you need to shake it.


So now that you are in the know, come on out and get down with us. I’ll be spinning lots of old, new and in-between disco and all that it inspires. Don’t forget to glitter up your chest for when the shirts come off and we all get sweaty together forever!

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