Big Day for Lucille

Lucille got operated on today. With Cody’s assistance and Rolf’s guidance, I changed the primary and secondary fuel filters and cleaned the ALDA banjo bolt and line. The resulting changes in performance were nothing less than extraordinary! Improved acceleration, a much more apparent turbo boost, and a smoother, quieter engine. I’m beginning to wonder exactly how well-maintained the ol’ girl was before I got her. Alas, things are getting better all the time!

One noticeable effect of these power improvements is an increase in squeaky noise from the belt(s). This had been happening only in high-torque situations, but now it is all across the acceleration spectrum. Soon it will be time to replace those guys.

In other news, Rolf and I went to fill up with some good ol’ corn squeezins at the makeshift Vegenergy filling station on Dekalb Avenue. Three bucks a gallon including taxes is exactly what I paid for regular diesel last time I filled up, and it’s what I paid today as well — but for bio. It’s totally worth it. Aside from all the numerous practical advantages of going bio, it also smells much better. I’m excited.

The Vegenergy people have got a really cool thing in the works over there. A self-contained unstaffed biodiesel pump is about to be operational 24/7. It is basically a shipping container with a pump and credit/debit machine built in to the side of it. Inside lives the tank(s) of fuel! I meant to take a picture there earlier today, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

Based on an article I read earlier, I’m somewhat concerned about the trend of increased biofuel production driving vegetable oil prices higher. Traditional fossil fuel production and extraction has obvious environmental and societal effects. I would hate to think that my attempt to move away from those energy sources might cause the cost of meals and food to increase for those who can barely afford it already. Time will tell, I suppose.

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