If I think hard enough, maybe I can rewind today

Today has been one worth of much ridicule. Here are the low and highlights:

  • Low: waking up at 04:30 to find the kitchen floor pooling water that was dripping from the ceiling.
  • Low: calling in a personal day for work.
  • Low: fretting over how much this was going to cost me.
  • Low: pouring chunky milk all over my big bowl of healthy cereal.
  • High: finally receiving the insurance claim check from the last home-related incident.
  • Low: driving to Buckhead for a 1.5 hour long dentist visit.
  • High: realizing that my dentist is also a Mercedes nut and getting his recommendation for a good mechanic.
  • Low: returning from Buckhead in rush hour traffic.
  • Medium: realizing that, had I worked in addition to all this, I would have been miserable instead of just OK.
  • High: hitting Thinking Man trivia (2nd place!) and Gravity Pub Trivial Bingo in one night.
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