Arizona: Some Arresting Talent

I’ll admit it: I’ve been keeping this to myself for too long.

One of my favorite bands of late, which you may remember from a certain birthday party back in March that got far too much interest from the Atlanta Police, is finally getting some of the critical respect that they’ve definitely earned. Arizona (MySpace) is a Brooklyn-based 5-piece that I was introduced to through my good friend Scott, who has played with most of them in previous musical incarnations. They played an exciting, loud set in Scott’s garage on that storied birthday evening, and it was worth the police intervention if only for the memories.

Fast forward 5 months or so, and witness them featured on NPR’s World Cafe for Monday, September 4. It’s a short piece, but it’s still great press. I appreciate that it largely lets the music speak for itself.

So what are you waiting for? Go listen!

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