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Saturday 8/19: (I DJ at) Pecan Pie Couture’s Wampum Disco Fashion Party

This Saturday, August 19, I will be joining forces with some awesome local talents to present Pecan Pie Couture‘s Wampum Disco Fashion Party at The Royal, downtown boogie down style. Here are some double-u’s! What? A celebration of Pecan Pie Couture’s Fall Line Who? Factory Aire (Lenny’s, CUDS, SOAP), Al B. Hard (Ponystyle Industries), Disco […]

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Lucille gets a little injection love

Sunday afternoon is a great time for doing work on the car… especially when it turns out to be very simple! This particular afternoon’s project was the replacement of Lucille’s injection return lines. It was a much-needed service which had not been performed in an unknown amount of time. The Diesel Giant recommends this service […]

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Family house-work blitz-visit, Summer edition

This weekend was a bit different. It all started Thursday evening with the arrival of the other 3/4 of my nuclear family. Their purpose for visiting was not only to see me and my new abode, but to help me tame it into shape using their various skills, equipment and fervor. I can safely say […]

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Fencing “theft” update

In a previous post I discussed my dismay at the fact that some unused fencing had gone missing from my driveway. I would just like to clarify, for history’s sake, that the pieces were not apparently “stolen,” as I had assumed. Instead, my neighbor (an older gentleman, of whom I think no ill) decided that […]

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Oil change; chili cook-off; disturbing EA theft trend continues

This afternoon Rolf came over to watch me change the oil in Lucille. It was exactly the same as changing the oil in other cars, only much easier, since I have a huge engine compartment compared to the size of my actual engine. That, and the filter is right there on top; nice and easy […]

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Oh, Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart

Tonight I obtained a beautiful piece of machinery: a dark blue 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD (pictured). It is, for its age and use, very attractive. I plan to continue to baby it in every way possible. Those of you who are familiar with the now-cancelled best-TV-show-ever Arrested Development should notice a resemblance to the car that […]

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Air Conditioner Condenser Stolen

Yesterday I went over to the new house to begin work installing various kitchen items (more about that later). As any sane person in the Atlanta summer would do, I first turned on the air conditioner. After a few minutes, I noticed that it was not blowing cold air, and began to investigate. Soon enough […]

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Flickr vs. Color Profiles: Old News for Some

I’ve been irked for a while over the fact that lots of the images I upload to Flickr look washed out in comparison to what I see on my computer. At first I thought this was due to gamma issues and was assuming that maybe my browser didn’t recognize settings or something like that. I […]

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Who wants to have a yard sale?

One highlight of last weekend was the collaborative yard sale that was held at Topher and David’s place. They had the entire front yard covered in everything from clothes to computers, and as things were sold a tally was kept of whose it was and how much it went for. But that was just the […]

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Athens: It’s Greek to Me

Saturday night at the 40 Watt was pretty cool. DJ Epic opened things up to a crowd composed mostly of other DJs (me, Joe, Roux, Mahogany) and he tore things right down. Definitely a skilled worker, that one. Going to try to get a gig in the ATL worked out so he can visit. Topher […]

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