Saturday 8/19: (I DJ at) Pecan Pie Couture’s Wampum Disco Fashion Party

This Saturday, August 19, I will be joining forces with some awesome local talents to present Pecan Pie Couture‘s Wampum Disco Fashion Party at The Royal, downtown boogie down style. Here are some double-u’s!

  • What? A celebration of Pecan Pie Couture’s Fall Line
  • Who? Factory Aire (Lenny’s, CUDS, SOAP), Al B. Hard (Ponystyle Industries), Disco Goddess Ms Pope!
  • When? Saturday 8/19 @ 10pm (I’m on first and Ms Pope will be spicing things up intermittently throughout the night)
  • Where? 255 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 (The Royal)
  • Why? Because the Good Lord gave you a booty, and you need to shake it.


So now that you are in the know, come on out and get down with us. I’ll be spinning lots of old, new and in-between disco and all that it inspires. Don’t forget to glitter up your chest for when the shirts come off and we all get sweaty together forever!

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Lucille gets a little injection love

Sunday afternoon is a great time for doing work on the car… especially when it turns out to be very simple! This particular afternoon’s project was the replacement of Lucille’s injection return lines. It was a much-needed service which had not been performed in an unknown amount of time. The Diesel Giant recommends this service be performed every two years, and I am almost certain it was long overdue.

For those interested, the concept is very simple: the injector return lines are woven-fiber-wrapped rubber hoses that run between the small nipples (teehee) on either side of the fuel injectors. Over time, the rubber in the lines becomes brittle and develops cracks, allowing small amounts of unprocessed fuel to escape, soaking the woven wrapping and the area surrounding them in the engine. Fortunately, diesel has a high enough combustion temperature that such fuel leakage is not a fire hazard, but the problem can still affect performance, especially at idle.

Replacing the lines turned out to be much less annoying than Rolf had led me to believe it would be. The most difficult part was using needle-nose pliers to remove the tiny remnants of hose that tended to break off around the injector nipples. Inserting the new hoses was generally as easy as pie, and the results were a noticeable improvement in the smoothness factor of the idle. Not bad for $16 in parts and less than an hour in labor.

Tomorrow’s project will be to clean the ALDA boost system, which will surely be exciting. Anything involving a banjo bolt has to be.

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Family house-work blitz-visit, Summer edition

This weekend was a bit different. It all started Thursday evening with the arrival of the other 3/4 of my nuclear family. Their purpose for visiting was not only to see me and my new abode, but to help me tame it into shape using their various skills, equipment and fervor. I can safely say that this was a rousing success.

We managed to accomplish at least the following tasks, all with a minimum of argument and bickery:

  • Dinner at Cantina la Casita
  • Full-force attack on the lawns, front and back (pictures forthcoming!)
  • Complete kitchen organization
  • Giant Target shopping trip for general outfitting
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Numerous minor fixture installations
  • ALL of the laundry

Of these, the two about which I am most pleased are the kitchen organization and the yard-taming. For starters, I have a real pantry now — the kind where things are both visible and accessible in a convenient location. The yard has been heavily weed-whacked and is primed for the spraying of the environmentally semiresponsible Chemical Death. I look forward to the day when the word “poison” does not come up in lawn-related conversation.

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Fencing “theft” update

In a previous post I discussed my dismay at the fact that some unused fencing had gone missing from my driveway. I would just like to clarify, for history’s sake, that the pieces were not apparently “stolen,” as I had assumed. Instead, my neighbor (an older gentleman, of whom I think no ill) decided that he should do the job of getting rid of them for me.

As best I could gather from our rather hurried conversation on my front porch (during a dinner party, no less), he was concerned that I had been waiting for him to do something with these pieces of fencing, possibly because of conversations held between him and my realtor. This was his primary motivation for removing them and taking to them to the dump. Perhaps secondary to this was his belief that the items represented an obvious target for theft. I’m only guessing here, really.

At any rate, the mystery is largely solved, and with it part of my faith in the inherent decency of neighborhoodkind has been restored. I thought the internet should know.

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Oil change; chili cook-off; disturbing EA theft trend continues

This afternoon Rolf came over to watch me change the oil in Lucille. It was exactly the same as changing the oil in other cars, only much easier, since I have a huge engine compartment compared to the size of my actual engine. That, and the filter is right there on top; nice and easy to reach.

The process would have been completely uneventful except for the fact that I seemed to have a real knack for spilling used motor oil on the ground, myself, and anything else that I came into contact with. Making prodigious use of a roll of paper towels, I managed to get most of it cleaned up, but there are still two rather unsightly spots left on the asphalt “driveway.” I will figure out some clever way to get rid of them soon, no doubt. Maybe I’ll just get rid of the whole driveway! Yeah! Cellular paving here I come… someday.

After the oil change excitement, Lucille and I went over to Steve and Missy’s place for a delicious chili cook-off. There were four five different kinds of chili (mostly pictured), all but one of which was vegan — all were amazing and amazingly varied. I probably ate too much. The Sweetwater 420 keg from the Cattington Acres housewarming party was there, and I arguably drank too much of that — but I just had to help finish, didn’t I?

I arrived at home to find everything mostly in order, but I noticed something strange when entering the driveway…. The dislodged wooden fence pieces had gone missing!

I know this must have happened before today, since I realize in retrospect that they were not there while I was doing the oil changing, but I’m not sure exactly when they were scooped up. I do know, however, that I didn’t really want them anyway, and I suppose that whoever got them — while still an insufferable bastard for having the nerve to steal something — will find them more useful than I had thus far.

The general concept of that occurrence does give me pause somewhat, as it is further evidence of the popular notion that anything not nailed down easily removed will be in this ‘hood. It is rather disappointing, really, but at this point an unchanging fact. Perhaps someday we’ll even have a neighborhood assocation that can organize some sort of collective dealing with this problem. Ahh, dreams.

UPDATE: The case of the missing fencing was resolved a few days later, and theft was not at issue.

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Oh, Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart


Tonight I obtained a beautiful piece of machinery: a dark blue 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD (pictured). It is, for its age and use, very attractive. I plan to continue to baby it in every way possible.

Those of you who are familiar with the now-cancelled best-TV-show-ever Arrested Development should notice a resemblance to the car that was driven in the show by Lucille Bluth. While I could not find a picture of the car itself, I can provide a picture of Lucille, for whom my car is named.

I look forward to many hours reading the ShopForum and tinkering all around with her. Hooray!

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Air Conditioner Condenser Stolen

Yesterday I went over to the new house to begin work installing various kitchen items (more about that later). As any sane person in the Atlanta summer would do, I first turned on the air conditioner. After a few minutes, I noticed that it was not blowing cold air, and began to investigate.

Soon enough I found that one of the basement doors was unlocked, which was unusual. After opening the door, I quickly figured out what had occurred: someone had stolen the guts of my A/C condenser! Not only that, but they broke into the house just so they could cut off six more feet of the copper line running to it!

It didn’t take long to figure out that they had also taken the condenser from the neighboring house too, the bastards. I filed a police report just so they would know what’s going down. According to the officer, I’m lucky that they didn’t get more copper-greedy and start ripping things out of the walls. It’s rather amazing what desperate people will do.

So, now I’m in the market for a new condenser and a reliable installer for it. Any suggestions?

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Flickr vs. Color Profiles: Old News for Some

I’ve been irked for a while over the fact that lots of the images I upload to Flickr look washed out in comparison to what I see on my computer. At first I thought this was due to gamma issues and was assuming that maybe my browser didn’t recognize settings or something like that.

Shakin' It

I finally researched it this morning, and it turns out that it’s actually Flickr’s fault. In order to save storage space (we assume), they strip color profile data from (at least) all resized images. So while the originals might look as you expected, everyone who’s just looking at the resized versions is being misled.

A workaround has been discovered by smart people well before now, however — convert your images to the sRGB colorspace before uploading. Actually, using Adobe Bridge’s workflow options make this quite easy to do in the same step that I’m already doing to convert from Canon RAW to JPEG.

Unfortunately, this convenient workaround is only useful when uploading new images to Flickr. As for the hundreds of shots I’ve already posted, the only way I can imagine to fix them is to manually re-upload and delete the existing ones. That seems like a huge pain. Maybe I can write an application using the Flickr API that will do this for me… but it seems unlikely to happen.

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Who wants to have a yard sale?

One highlight of last weekend was the collaborative yard sale that was held at Topher and David’s place. They had the entire front yard covered in everything from clothes to computers, and as things were sold a tally was kept of whose it was and how much it went for. But that was just the traditional part….

The fun began when they made a big batch of Pink Panty Pulldowns, a classic drink that I learned about years ago in a party far, far away. They were deceivingly alcoholic and delightfully pink, as usual. Of course, when drinking, it helps to have some unhealthy good-old-American hot dogs to grill, so you know that was in effect as well.

For most of the day Topher’s big ass stereo speakers were providing a pleasant musical accompaniment to the situation, and then it struck me: clearly, with the ready availability of turntables and records, we should be deejaying this operation. So we did. That made the fun move at twice the speed.

Experiencing all the buzz that came from such a thing made it obvious to me that a similar event needs to be happening in Atlanta very soon. We can hold it on the grassy lot in front of the Sampson Street lofts (or somewhere else, if there is sufficient space). We can have a barbecue and music and it will be all manner of fun. And maybe I can finally pawn off some of those records before I move!

Who’s with me?

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Athens: It’s Greek to Me

Saturday! Live! At the 40 watt!

Saturday night at the 40 Watt was pretty cool. DJ Epic opened things up to a crowd composed mostly of other DJs (me, Joe, Roux, Mahogany) and he tore things right down. Definitely a skilled worker, that one. Going to try to get a gig in the ATL worked out so he can visit.

Topher was next up to rock the spot, and he did, with aplomb. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t have much net growth during this time, so the proper dancations could not seem to get off the ground. Our best guess about the lack of crowd was something about people resting up for next weekend, which is Athfest. That seems like a crock, though, because who the heck needs to rest for an entire week in advance of something that you’re staying in town for in the first place?

Mahogany definitely put down some exciting jams. Lots of disco-flavored soul and the dance moves to match. The crowd finally started dancing at this point, and after a wedding party arrived and doubled the numbers, things got pretty darn fun. It was definitely a sweaty good time.

Stay tuned for details of the potential upcoming ATL Deejay extravaganza.

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