Your Weekend Plans?

I don’t know what you’re thinking of doing this Saturday night, but cancel it. Come with me to Athens for an evening of dancetastic soultacular groovin’ and shakin’ with my main man Topher and friends. From the Flagpole:


(40 Watt) Tonight’s multi-tiered dance party offers a variety of sounds. Athens newcomer DJ Epic mixes anything and everything, from pop to soul to hip hop to country, smoothly blending beats. DJ Roux focuses on hip hop, dance and classic rock, and DJ Mahogany delivers his well-known mix of classic soul and funk and will work some “sweetly nasty” classic hip hop into his set. “All three of us will be spinning mostly vinyl all night long,” says DJ Mahogany. “There is a slight possibility that towards the end of my set that I will invite the other two deejays back out and we’re going to beat match vinyl literally off the cusp.”

Depending on the scene, I might even get up there and throw it down. Or perhaps I’ll play a behind-the-scenes Afrika-Bambaataa-style selector role. ZULU!

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Bankrupt on Selling

This has been a big week for ol’ Al and his economy. It all started last Saturday when I showed my Acura to two different interested parties. The first left and promised to call back later. The second, somewhat to my surprise, offered me my asking price on the spot with no haggling. Obviously I accepted.

These developments have had me pleased as punch throughout the week. Today I actually finalized the sale of the car, money-in-bank style. This will come in handy tomorrow, when I close on my new house. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about that soon.

I got a call from the car’s new owner a few minutes after sitting down to lunch. He had let his redneck friend drive it back from our meeting to Conyers, and the dude was apparently not very smart. He drove it in Tiptronic-transmission mode and didn’t realize he had to shift. So there was lots of red-lining and the car generally got angry at him. But I think it’ll be OK. Not my problem either way, suckaz.

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“An Inconvenient Truth” Opens in Atlanta

Today is opening day for Al Gore’s new film "An Inconvenient Truth" in Atlanta, at the Tara. I have a ticket for the 10 o’clock show, as do some other cool people I know. It should be fun. You should get a ticket too!

In related news, the film has been grossing more per-screen than any film in the country for the past two weeks, averaging $17,615 at only 77 locations last week. By comparison, the top grossing film, "The Break Up," averaged $12,760 per screen at 3070 locations.

I’ve also been reading the book version, which is like a coffee table book on science. I look at the pretty pictures and graphs that spell doom for humanity and am inspired. Try it!

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Delicious Guacamole

Over the past few weeks, I have made the following recipe no less than 4 times, which is definitely a lot for me. It is very simple and always gets consumed quickly.

  • 2 ripe avocadoes, peeled and diced, one pit reserved
  • 4-5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-2 jalapeño peppers, minced
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 1 handful cilantro, chopped
  • 1 lime, juiced

Stir together all ingredients in a bowl. Once everything is mixed well, add an avocado pit. The pit prevents the avocado flesh from browning in the rare event that this lasts more than a few hours without being eaten.

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Music in Fits and Starts

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hauling some gear and vinyl to Athens for a jam session with my main man Topher (or Roux, as you may have seen him billed). We spent a large share of our time working on a funky soul mix, taking the opportunity to exercise a lot of my 45s. Sometimes I forget just how many good songs I have in there.

me deejaying

Perhaps the most fun aspect of the whole operation was having four turntables running simultaneously, each pair with its own mixer. In all the time I’ve owned my own decks, I’ve never actually done that. Be assured that I will in the future.

We got some solid ideas down on e-paper (and I made a sweet spreadsheet to keep track of everything), but we stopped short of actually recording. The decision was made to continue shenanigans in Atlanta Monday night, and we did. Unfortunately, after our delicious but rather lengthy dinner at La Casita, we had little motivation or energy left to accomplish much more than setting up the quad-deck action again. This morning, Topher headed back to Athens without much more than good times to show for it.

I guess that’s the way it is sometimes. Anyone will agree that you can’t force creativity. We’ll just have to be sure to reschedule for a not-too-far-in-the-future date.

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A Word of Warning

CVS Pro Vitamin Shampoo: Truly Clean

Dear reader,

If you value your hair at all, do not use CVS Vitamin Shampoo Truly Clean™!

I made the mistake of thinking it would be similar to the Target brand (which is itself similar to the Pantene brand). I could not have been more wrong. It would have at least been prudent to smell the contents of the bottle before committing to the purchase, but no. I made an assumption.

And now, I am wallowing in the results of this series of poor decisions. In my cubicle at work, I stew, surrounded by nothing but the “fragrance” of my own hair. It is terrible. If only there were some way to transcribe the smell, you could understand the pain I am feeling right now. Perhaps it is for the best that there is no such means yet devised. The Internet is already smelly enough.

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Lenny’s may never be the same again

Last night at Atlanta’s favorite dive bar/venue/discotheque, Lenny’s, I guested with the Factory Aire boys of Trashed fame. It was officially my second gig there, in celebration of the lovely and talented Rachael’s birthday, and I believe things went very well. Despite the fact that the Factory Aire gentlemen’s skills are well advanced in comparison to mine and ignoring the numerous equipment issues that caused total music failure on multiple occassions, there seemed to be no end to the compliments and support from my favorite audience — and the other various professionals present.

For that I am very grateful.

Had fun, got some chops, met some cool people, made them dance, and will be back again.

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Record Explosion

As foretold, last night was the first round of the Great Record Transfer of 2006. You can see the results here. There are about 45 full crates from the initial load, with about 20 more to be transferred tonight.

The amount transferred so far was enough to fill Cody’s truck, his trailer and my car. With Mike and Edric helping out though, things went pretty quickly. That’s a very good thing, too, because the basement where these were stored smelled heavily of cat waste.

As far as the collection goes, it definitely shows signs of the life of a radio DJ: reams of worthless promo singles, subscription-only hits compilations and personal notes from no-name artists taped to sleeves. That’s not to imply that there aren’t plenty of gems to be had though. Specifically there’s a great deal of classic 80s and 90s hip-hop that I would probably never have found in a store. So overall, I think it’ll be worth it.

Look out for plenty of promo vinyl on eBay in the near future. Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be in my room sorting.

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I’d like to welcome y’all to the fabulous Carolina West

This is the beginning of great things; be sure of that. Tomorrow I take delivery of a collection of about five thousand records. I’m adding those to my own collection, which numbers about 1500 at this point, by estimation.

2006 is the year, people.

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